Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey everyone! Sorry i haven't been posting! I have been extremely busy with the thing i am about to tell you about in like one

second..well, right now haha. So my mom has been teaching me how to sew because i have started my own store on

which is a website where a TON of people sell home made or vintage things on their own little store! It extremely cool and i'm

probably going to be talking a lot about it these days. I just started a Twitter account for my clothes and if people start buying

things i'll have money to get supplies to make new clothes.

Soon, when i have money, i am going to sew an Alice In Wonderland inspired dress that will be adorable and also, i will be sewing

a Taylor Momsen inspired outfit. They will be amazing:)

I've made 7 things so far and i still have 2 things to go. And i already have 5 followers on Twitter and like 40 views on each of my

items on Etsy. Its crazy!!

Here are the items i'm selling so far:)

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