Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Time.

Me and my baby cousin went to the park and played in the water:)

My birthday is in 33 days and the theme of my party is going to be "classy emo" And i'm going to wear a top hat:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey everyone! Sorry i haven't been posting! I have been extremely busy with the thing i am about to tell you about in like one

second..well, right now haha. So my mom has been teaching me how to sew because i have started my own store on

which is a website where a TON of people sell home made or vintage things on their own little store! It extremely cool and i'm

probably going to be talking a lot about it these days. I just started a Twitter account for my clothes and if people start buying

things i'll have money to get supplies to make new clothes.

Soon, when i have money, i am going to sew an Alice In Wonderland inspired dress that will be adorable and also, i will be sewing

a Taylor Momsen inspired outfit. They will be amazing:)

I've made 7 things so far and i still have 2 things to go. And i already have 5 followers on Twitter and like 40 views on each of my

items on Etsy. Its crazy!!

Here are the items i'm selling so far:)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Call it weird, I call it original.









I'm reading a really good book called "Girls In Love" if you decide to read it, don't judge it by it's cover cause it's extremely cheesy.


Monday, May 24, 2010

I did a photoshoot of some of my favorite outfits:)

1. Photobucket

Just an "on the go" outfit. I put on Ripped skinny jeans from PacSun, a Forever21 shirt, a Hot Topic bag, and black sanuk's (Which i got in the mail today and i'm in love with them)

2. Photobucket

This outfit is sort of more of an edgy look. (inspired by Taylor Momsen) I used Betsey Johnson tights which i ripped myself (Its really easy), A skirt that i got at TJ Maxx, A white tank top from Old Navy, A plaid shirt O'niell, And my new Sanuk shoes.

3. Photobucket

This look i wanted more of a party/classy look.
I wore a H&M bandage skirt, A Stripped Old Navy shirt, A black H&M blazer, and Black pumps.

4. Photobucket

In this look i wore my new Free People dress, Ripped Betsey Johnson tights, And black pumps.

And here are a few of the things i put in the outfits.


My new Sanuk's


My Forever21 top. I actually got this at Goodwill:)


Ripped skinny jeans From PacSun:)


Black bandage skirt from H&M.




Why can't we all have purple eyes? Why doesn't it exist?


The color i wore today:)


Sunday, May 23, 2010

my fashion these days.

I have been getting into DARK LIPSTICK. I like to make it look classy, not gothic.

Like how Taylor Momsen is wearing it (It may seem like i'm a bit obsessed with her
but i'm just obsessed with her fashion, even though she can dress a bit say the least haha.)

So today i wore dark lipstick (Not as dark as hers) And i'm going to wear it more:)

And here are some of the things i might
wear these days.

I got an amazing Free People dress today to wear on my birthday which is in exactly 60 days:)
(Side View)

I had to use "Photo Booth" haha because my cell phone with a camera broke, so i'm just waiting for my Birthday to come so i can get a good camera, but that's not only why i'm waiting for my birthday to come:)

Anyways, that is my Free People dress:)

I can't wait to wear it:) it's amazing.

I'm going to try to start reading soon. I guess reading is in style. haha..kidding:)
So if you have any books that you think i'd enjoy, let me know:)

I'm going for that "Gossip Girl" style, too bad i don't live in NY haha.

Which is where my sister and dad are right now.

I'd say my style is "wanna be skater"/ urban/edgy/nerd:]

Well thats all for today, or i guess in this case, night:)

My mommy needs her computer back so i need to get off. Goodnight